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Web based PHP, Python & Ruby interpreter. Show PHP shell Python shell - coming soon Ruby shell - coming soon

An interactive web based CLI (Command Line Interface) for PHP, Ruby, and Python programming languages, developed in PHP with a JavaScript and XMLHttp... dare i say it... "AJAX" interface to create the terminal and pass commands and scripts to purpose built language interpreters.

The shells come in two flavours and can be accessed either using the stand-alone interface here, as pictured on the left, or using the in-page interface by clicking on one of the '#>PHP', '#>PYTH', or '#>RUBY' icons which are used in the tutorial pages and throughout the site.

Learn to use the interactive CLI shell >>

A unique and interesting way to learn.

The shell is designed to help you run and debug existing posts, modify a post and then resubmit the new script back to the pastebin.

The shell can also be used to test small code snippets, or for learning a programming language by trying the examples whilst you read for a truly unique learning experience, and for demonstrating language principles and good programming practice.

Give the shell a go...

Just fire up the shell and start using it to test your code, you can now enter multiple line scripts and run them at any time, once you've finished type save to download it, or pastebin to submit your script to the pastebin.

Try the stand-alone version of the PHP CLI shell,
or try the in-page version by clicking any the the following icons you see dotted around this site. Show PHP CLI shell Python shell - coming soon Ruby shell - coming soon

The stand-alone version alows you to choose your own background colour and font colour, move from page to page in the pastebin site whilst still being able to access pastebin scripts and the tutorials, and can be placed in a seperate browser window for those of us with large or dual screens.

The shell requires you have JavaScript enabled in your browser, and has been tested on IE5.5, IE6.x, IE7.x, and Mozilla based browsers such as Firefox 1.5.x and above.

For a full list of commands and further help with examples on using the shell see the help pages:
Learn to use the interactive CLI shell >>


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