Pastebin command line client

Pastebin Command Line Shell Script.

A shell script for pasting to from the command line
Download shell script and follow the install instructions below.

pastebin < foobar.php
ls | pastebin --format=text --quiet

This script will send everything you give it on the standard input
to By default it will ask the user for confirmation
before sending anything -- this can be turned off by using the
"--quiet" switch. Using this switch may be necessary for some
terminals. Use "--format=something" to tell how the
text should be formatted. Default is PHP code. Currently availiable
values can be seen here:
The URL for the new entry should be printed on the
standard output afterwards.

It depends on netcat/telnet, perl and dialog installed on your system.
Copy this file to somewhere in your $PATH like
and make executable by type:
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/pastebin


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