Pastebin plugin for Vim

Pastebin Vim Plugin Script.

A Vim plugin script for pasting to from within your favourite editor
Download Vim plugin and follow the install instructions below.

Place in ~/.vim/plugin or vimfiles/plugin
or somewhere else in your $VIMRUNTIME path.
Make sure the Vim was compiled with +python option,
--enable-pythoninterp=yes in your Vim configure line.
To see if your installed Vim is compiled with this option,
simply type the :version command inside Vim and look for +python

Enter your pastebin username in the configure settings below.
Enter a private pastebin to paste to if you have one,
see for instructions on getting your own pastebin.

Visually block (Shift-v) the lines of code you want to send to Pastebin
and enter the command :Pastebin. The blocked text will be posted to Pastebin
and the URL will be shown on the Vim status line.


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